Kelsey Barth Photography


I never dreamed I’d be spending my days taking pictures.
 In fact, I had ZERO experience with photography (unless you count teenage selfies with cut-off heads and bad lighting). Babies, weddings, and life’s other milestones were great, but, let’s be honest, I usually went for the cake. Observing the details and documenting the day never crossed my mind.
 Until my first professional portrait session. I was 17, and I fell in love with the whole process - from choosing outfits, to using location, lighting and props to create a feeling that is preserved for years. 

 After that day, I suddenly knew what I wanted to do with my life. I decided to go to Concordia University in Wisconsin where I received a bachelors of fine arts in photography and a minor in business. The summer after I graduated, I set out on my own and officially launched my business.

Every day I am amazed at the moments I get to share with my clients. I’ve been there when the groom sees his bride for the first time, and I’ve watched new parents marvel over their days-old baby. The older I get, the more I realize how quickly life passes, children grow, and memories fade. I love knowing that I am preserving a small part of my clients’ lives in such a beautiful and lasting way.

In each of my sessions, I strive to make my clients feel taken care of and calm. Photography is more than just snapping pictures. It’s blending into the background to capture the spirit of people on the most important days of their lives and stepping forward to organize families for group shots. I always look for the details and shared moments my clients might otherwise forget, but with a picture, will be able to appreciate for years to come.
 Personally, I’ll always be a farm girl at heart with a weakness for a little glamour. My husband, Kyle, and I moved to Illinois in 2013 then back to MKE, aka 'home' and have been busy exploring our new home ever since. We both love being active and spend as much time outside as we can. 

 As much as I love what I do, the achievement I’m most proud of is being a mom to our three little boys, Oliver, Isaiah & Ezra. I struggle daily with the balance of being a stay-at-home mom and a business owner, but I am thankful everyday for this crazy life I’m living and the people I’m sharing it with.